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Our Mission

We believe in a Utopian vision inspired by ideas originating with quantum physics. Most will not understand this vision — the idea of harmonic frequencies interacting together perpetually shaping your daily life. What you see, touch, feel, and experience determines and empowers you in your everyday life.



We believe every human should have access to a better wellness toolkit. We invest in innovative mental and physical wellness companies.



We believe in the advancement of finance by application of progressive technology. We invest in vetted fintech companies that pave the way for the next generation of wealth and wealth management for individuals.



We believe space is an untapped frontier. We invest in space exploration and technology companies who are pioneering the future to push us into a Type One society.



We believe that new systems come to replace the old. We invest in cutting-edge Web3 companies driving these system replacements and advancements. This includes blockchain, the metaverse, and crypto.

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Our Investor Presentation

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