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About Us


Orthogonal Thinker is a socially conscious, global holding company capitalizing on inherent catalysts in 4 disruptive sectors, built with an emphasis on values, forming an ohana (family) of compelling investment opportunities.


To do this, we adhere to a checklist that has served us so well over the decades, leveraging proprietary insights we developed around the companies we invest in.

The checklist is deceptively simple and is the compass that guides us through bull and bear markets. By following the Orthogonal Checklist, we have a strong conviction necessary to hold on to our investments through market cycles.


Orthogonal means a series of right angles. A right angle is perfection - and rare, but they do exist if you look hard enough.


We are a symbiotic wellness and Web3 platform. Our approach allows shareholders to benefit from the revenues of multiple holdings and subsidiaries. We envision a future where "farmaceutical" products usher in a new period of wellness based on psychoactive compounds and clean-label products. We will then leverage web3 to support and further this vision.


We are growing strategic partnerships in wellness, Web3, fintech, and space.


Orthogonal Thinker believes in the highest truth and embraces the following values:

- Living authentically

- Maintaining transparency

- Partnering with intentional companies of similar frequency

- Having fun and sharing joy


We believe in a Utopian vision inspired by ideas originating with quantum physics. Most will not understand this vision - the idea of harmonic frequencies interacting together perpetually shaping your daily life. What you see, touch, feel, and experience determines and empowers you in your everyday life.

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