A new kind of biotech holding and operating company, acquiring and accelerating companies engaged in psilocybin. psychoactive compounds. plant sciences. mental wellness.

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About us.

We are a new kind of biotech holding and operating company, acquiring and accelerating companies engaged in DEA registered psilocybin, psychoactive compounds, clean label foods, and plant sciences.

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Our areas of investment focus.

Psilocybin & Wellness - This includes Empowering Emotional Intelligence through DEA registered Psychoactive Compounds. Learn more

Whole Food - This includes expanding Maui Raw production, innovation and distribution. Learn more

Cannabis | Hemp | CBD - This covers the whole spectrum of products and solutions. Learn more

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The strategy is simple.

We are not a fund. We are a holding and operating company. We intend to change the world for the healthier, accelerate disruption where it is needed, and make a good profit on the journey.

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Why we exist.

Orthogonal exists to empower people to take control of their health and mental wellness. We understand that the future of medicine and food will be fast-tracking development and deployment using technology. Building upon the strength and synergy of the Orthogonal portfolio companies and ecosystem, our next funding round is focusing on one theme: Empowering Health, Mental Wellness and Emotional Intelligence (EI) through Food,

Technology and Psychoactive Compounds. This is our purpose. This is our dharma. Everything we do will align with this vision. We are bringing the 600+ investors from our seed round along this journey. Together, we are elevating and empowering an individual’s overall health and mental wellness in a new Standard of Farma.

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What we do.

Over the last ten years, we have acquired and incubated companies bringing the best food, technology and scientific advancements in plant medicine to elevate and empower humanity. Individually, each portfolio company is making a big impact. Collectively, our portfolio companies are shaping a new industry and movement.

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Our next venture.

EI.ventures - Empowering Mental Wellness through psychoactive compounds and technology.

Our next venture, EI.ventures, will combine psychoactive compounds such as DEA-registered psilocybin, together with technology, to empower customized compounds and personalized formulas to better mental wellness.

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The science.

There is a rapidly increasing inventory of research papers and abstracts regarding the synthesis the Psilocybin and its analogues or homologues. Advances in the areas of traditional organic chemistry synthesis, bio synthesis and enzymatic synthesis processes are driving this research.

The primary goal of these efforts are to lower the cost of synthesizing psilocybin and other relevant psycho active compounds in order to more broadly study the efficacy of treatment of proposed treatments. Very much similar as advances made in synthesizing antibiotics this century for wider and cost effective distribution. As well as recent advances in the manipulation of yeast and RNA production of THC and CBD products.

The results of this work is being openly published or is easily available via such as National Institute of Mental Health databases in the Untied states and world wide through similar organizations. The rapidly increasing knowledge base regarding the brain chemistry of mental health and wellness are fueling these efforts world wide.

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What we are doing?

We continue to identify and align with licensed chemists and labs in the traditional fields of organic and bio chemistry.

Primary goal being to quicken and bring to market so called “1 pot” synthesis of relevant psychoactive materials or compounds. So named “1 pot” synthesis involves combining the fundamental components in simple combinations, adding bio active yeasts, enzymes, bio neutral solvents and allowing the targeted materials to better self organize which require less refinement to purge toxic lab solvents usually used in traditional synthetic lab processes.

We are working to integrate an innovative blend of traditional organic and bio chemistry with new fields of electro and sono chemistry and various non traditional or leading edge extraction and compounding processes to create a cost effective production of psychoactive compounds. The processes manipulates and modifies the ingredients at the molecular level enhancing their bonding efficacy, bio-availability as well as hydrophilic qualities.

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Inside our holdings.

By investing in our holding and operating company you will be invested in all the past companies we have invested in. As you will see below, over the past 20 years, we've had a keen eye for specific trends and what comes next.

Our core focus has always been to invest in companies and products that add real real value to the world. We look at industries and companies that have the power to empower humanity not destroy it.

Our Team


David Nikzad

Founder & CEO


Linda G. Strause, PhD

Advisor and Partner

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Jeff Pasquerella

Strategic Advisor


Leti Passemier

Strategic Advisor

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Jack Rentz, MD

Strategic Advisor

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Christian Sullivan

Strategic Advisor


Allen Grant

Strategic Advisor

Grant Trahant

Digital Media

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Jason A. Hobson



Brendon Strause

Advisor and Partner


Kevin Matthews

Strategic Advisor

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Chi Psilocybin

Strategic Advisor

co-founders_orthog copy 3.png

Simeon Schnapper

Strategic Advisor

Matt McKibbin_orthogG.png

Matt McKibbin

Strategic Advisor

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Travis Wilson

General Council


Matt Sonefeldt

Strategic Advisor

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Michelle Valentin



Tyler Strause

Advisor and Partner


Brian Johnson

Strategic Advisor

Emily Kulpa, PharmD

Strategic Advisor


David Hua

Strategic Advisor

Scott Steinford_orthog_advisor.png

Scott Steinford

Strategic Advisor

Aram Ordubegian

General Counsel


Nate Sumbot

General Council